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MYBELL is a customizable digital bike bell -- think ringtones for your bike.  Riders will be able to customize their audio and visual systems.  MYBELL is loud! Like 96dB loud. MYBELL is bright! Like 110 lumens bright.  We want to help you ride safely while providing a fun new personalized way to express yourself.  No more cluttered handlebars!  Have fun and stay safe!


A modern rethink of the ubiquitous metal bike bell, MYBELL lets you project two user selected sounds at high volumes. MYBELL also has High Intensity LEDs, which can be programed to user selected pulse patterns. Make sure the rest of the world knows you’re coming – in style.  MYBELL can play sounds upwards of 96dB and combines two products that cyclists need: sound and light. This allows riders to declutter their handlebars, encouraging riders to have fun while being safe. 

Mybell and Deaf Cyclists

Kids and Mybell

Unleash Your Imagination

Why should we be limited in our options? MyBell empowers users to decide what sound and light combination works best for them. We don't live in a one sound fits all world. Different sounds elicit different responses depending on geography and culture. People know their local streets, paths, and roads better than anyone else which is why a product should exist that can be customized and programmed for their environment. Users might choose a particular sound (“Truck Horn”) or light pattern (“Knight Rider”) because they believe their selection will provide increased utility or because they want to be unique and emphasize their personality.

A traditional bike bell might work in some areas IF it can be heard but sometimes your surroundings necessitate a different audible or visual signal. What works in Brooklyn might not work in Shanghai or London. You decide what works best.  Perhaps you might want your MyBell to sound like a traditional bell – but Louder!

All the Bells & Whistles 

There is a computer on MyBell's custom designed circuit board which stores Two (2) user selected digital sound files and pre-selected lighting patterns. The sound files can be whatever you want – we envision one for urgent warnings and the other for a friendlier warning – imagine an old lady 20 feet away. 

Do you have music on your iPhone? Those songs are digital sound files.

MyBell is Loud! We have recorded audio output upwards of 105 decibels. You can lower the volume and sounds digitally if that is too loud for you.  

MyBell is Bright! We are using LEDs that can reach upwards of 110 lumens. Guess what? They are programable too.  That means that you can set pulse patterns of your choosing.  We like to play with one pattern we call Knight Rider because our bikes look like Kit from show - this makes us very happy.


This is How We Do It

Drag, Drop & Roll 

We have put a lot of thought into the user experience and have made MYBELL really easy to use.  Riders can select their sound file, drag their sound file, drop that sound file in the MYBELL drive, and are ready to roll. MYBELL's battery charges via the same USB plug-in. 

Easy to Use

One large button for easy access in case of an emergency. A Second button accesses a friendlier sound.  A third button turns on the high intensity LEDs and allows users to cycle through different lighting modes:

  • Day On allows riders to trigger sounds with a single push to access the first digital sound file – we imagine this sound would be used for imminent danger - or - friendlier tones in less urgent situations.  Imagine this could be used to project a friendlier sound, think of an old lady 20 feet away ahead who you wouldn't want to scare but would like to provide a friendly heads up.
  • Night On which activates High Intensity LEDs.  The LEDs on MYBELL pulse to user selected patterns. MyBell will also project sounds as in Day On (above).
  • OFF - which would turn MYBELL off, conserving power.

MyBell fits on ANY Bike or Scooter

MyBell works with nearly any bike. Our strap allows MYBELL to fit over most handle bars even Bike Shares. Thieves won't get their hands on MYBELL because MYBELL goes wherever you go. It is as easy as undoing the strap. 

The MyBell Evolution

We created MYBELL because we could not find a product on the market that allowed us to ride our bicycles comfortably in New York City. We only found options that we felt would ostracize cyclists—air horns. Nothing gave us the freedom to trigger our own sound at a loud volume. We decided to scratch our own itch and create MYBELL.  The product has evolved through several iterations, as we designed circuit boards, programmed firmware, and mechanical designs.

MYBELL iterations

The MyBell Revolution

Creating the world’s first customizable bike bell is just the beginning. Check out some audio samples.

Sample MYBELL Sounds